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Biography of Josh2funny|Outstanding facts you need to know

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Josh2funny is a Nigerian comedian whose real name is Josh Alfred. Josh2funny was born on 18th December, 1990 in Anambra state into the Alfred family.

He is known to act funny right from an early age.
Josh2funny was born and brought up in Anambra state before moving to Lagos State at the age of seven.

As he came to Lagos, he continued his secondary school education and later enrolled himself at the Federal Science and Technology College, Yaba where is studied computer science and graduated with a degree.

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Josh2funny went further to school in the School of Performance arts, Qban center in Ikoyi, Lagos.
He grew up in Mushin area of Lagos State where he met other persons who have like minds with him pertaining to comedy.


Josh started out his career as a comedian right from his secondary school days.

Although he wasn’t really interested in Education as he was in comedy so he faced some challenges in his studies but his Dad encouraged him in such a way that he could balance his acting and education till he graduates.

Josh2funny started comedy full time after graduation. Today, Josh is known for his comedy skits online which he uses to put smile on peoples faces.

With inspiration from his mentors, Koffi and Basketmouth, he has been able to develop his passion for comedy more.

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He is well known with his comic style of putting on female native wears and singing songs upside down with an Igbotic voice.

He was also guest star on the Africa Magic series “My Flatmates” which starred other star comedian such as Basketmouth, Buchi and so on.

Josh has also performed on various top shows in Nigeria, one of which is the annual stand up comedy show hosted by comedian AY “The AY Live Show” in Eko hotel, Lagos.

He also partner with comedian, Bello Kreb who is known with his facial expression style of comedy.
Aside comedy, he is also a singer and has a studio where he produces his songs and videos.

Josh2funny who started his career by doing comedy in churches, telling jokes at private functions, and other places however, decided to go professional after winning the “Project Raw Talent Hunt Competition” in 2011.

He continued doing stand-up comedy until 2015 when he decided to turn his jokes into dramas by acting and putting them online.

A year later, he had his breakthrough after one of his videos when viral. In the video, he slapped someone and the person rotated from the 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

After gaining so much success from some of his comedies, he decided to start making covers for songs. One of his popular works was an Igbo cover of Rihanna’s single, ‘Work,’ Duduke by Simi and many other songs.

In 2018, he once again started another trend, ‘#TheAudition‘. This time around, he was shown playing different characters in an audition setting with judges.

He further dropped another skit, #allMyGuysAreBallerz, which started trending in 2019. It was his first worldwide trend and went viral like the #DontLeaveMeChallenge that tore the internet.

The challenge went so global that it attracted the attention of everyone in Nigeria and abroad from all works of life.

Josh2funny’s Albums And Songs

Apart from doing comedies, Josh Alfred is also a talented singer. In 2020, he unofficially released an album, ‘A Break From Jokes’ during the lockdown.

He also has another album, ‘Upside Down‘ which has funny covers of people’s songs.

Some of his songs include:

• One Kind
• Ifeanyi
• Love by Force
• Your Heart
• Get to You (ft. Frankie Walter)
• Fine Wine (ft. Shayzar)
• Happiness
• Where
• I’ve Been Blessed

Personal Life

In October 2019, Josh2funny announced his engagement to his girlfriend in an Instagram photo captioned “Dem don collect me ooo”.

Not much information is known about his family, but he recently shared photos of his mother on his Instagram page. He is a member of Fountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM) of Pastor Olukoya.

Awards and Recognitions

Josh2funny’s talent has earned him a number of awards and recognitions. Some of them include:
• Project Raw Talent Hunt Competition (2011)
• Comedian of the Year at the 2018 Starzz Awards (nominated)
• Online Comedy Awards at the 2020 Gage Awards (nominated)

Josh2funny Net Worth

Josh2funny is one of the most popular comedians in Nigeria, with more than 1.6 million followers. He earns from anchoring shows and events.

He also posts sponsored adverts on his Instagram handles.
According to the360report.com, Josh2funny’s has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Social Media Handles

Josh2funny is one fast rising comedian with so great an influence on social media. His fans are on the increase as the sun rises.

He has over 290,000 thousand followers on Facebook, over 1.8m on Instagram one over 64.

You can connect with Josh2funny on:

Instagram @josh2funny

Twitter @josh2funny

Facebook: Josh2funny

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