October 19, 2020


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Linda Ikeji Biography, Early life story, Blogging success, Achievements, Net Worth, Relationship

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Nigeria is a blessed country that has raised so many powerful and outstanding entrepreneurs, who are painstakingly changing the world and one of them is Linda Ikeji our blogger.

The increase in the numbers of wealthy people in naija expecially those taking advantage of the internet to make bastard money is increasing on a daily basis in our very own Nigeria.

Gone are those days when you depend on buying and selling to become wealthy.

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Now at the comfort of your home, with your computer and an access to your network provider (data inclusive),you can earn money. This is what has made Linda Ikeji so powerfully successful.

Ms. Linda Ikeji today is the richest and most popular blogger in the continent of Africa. Rising to the top wasn’t that easy. Insidegist9ja will give you a comprehensive details of her biography, how she started, challenges faced, and how much she has made in blogging.

Linda Ikeji rose to fame and became this wealthy through a means that wasn’t popular during her days.

Linda Ikeji saw the bright side of Blogging even as a lady and despite being rejected countless time by banks of loans, she was persistent to push-through in achieving her dreams.

Linda Ikeji’s life today has become that of emulation by Nigerians especially the youths in Africa and to the Ladies. Despite being in a male dominated society, ladies have a better chance to Excel.

Her Beginning started this way

Linda Ikeji Biography
Linda Ikeji who was born in September 19, 1980 is the second of seven children born of her parents. Her native name is Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, she hails from Nkwerre, a local government area in the Southeastern State of Imo, Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji like every other average kid experience financial instability due to her family background. At a young age of 10, she had begun writing fictional stories as a hobby and had interest in news and was fascinated by interviews.

Owning to the fact that she loves writing, she developed interest in studying mass communication at the University of Lagos. But unfortunately, she was given English language to study.

Linda Ikeji began her University education at 19, and due to her family’s financial instability, she had to source for other means to scale through school.

She worked as a waitress, usher at occasions, bar-tending, and also as a model just to ensure to uplift her financial status.

However, all these jobs wasn’t enough to take her to her promise land, she established her own fashion agency called “BLACK DOVE COMMUNICATION” after graduation from the University.

The name was coined and Inspired by silverbird. Since writing was her thing, she didn’t find full expression in doing this so she moved to blogging and gave her attention to it.

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a step” was practiced by Ms. Linda and today her journey so far into blogging her paid her multiple times. Linda is now a multi-million dollar entrepreneur, who has made cool money without any human sacrifice (blood money).

Her Success into Blogging

Everyone has his or her own success story but they all tell the Same thing i.e “success didn’t come without hardwork and consistency.”

Her rise to fame didn’t come without persistence and failures. There were days she felt like giving up but she has to keep pushing.

She started blogging when the use of internet in Nigeria is not popular (November 2006). As at then, bloggers in Nigeria were little and starting up a blog wasn’t as easy and affordable as it is now.

While people were busy blogging about their personal lives, Linda thought of blogging about people’s life instead. She opened “Linda Ikeji Blog,” She’ll sometimes borrow money to go to cyber cafe to blog.

Since it’s inception, first in 2006 and fully in 2007, Linda Ikeji Blog has become a well know blog in Africa. What started as a “Gossip blog” has now become the focal point of entertainment in Nigeria and beyond, covering lifestyle, sports, music, movies, comedies, politics, techs, etc.

Thousands of people visit her blog including insidegist9ja for updates on a daily basis. Currently, her blog is ranked 20th on Alexa ranking in Nigeria and 1,736 worldwide.

Her blog is so active that her social media followers are increasing daily. On Twitter she has more than 750,000 followers, over 36,000 like on Facebook and over 52,000 followers on Instagram.

Following the success of her blog, Linda Ikeji launched a social network named Linda Ikeji Social. She said the idea came to her when she met fans who told her that they only visited her sites and Facebook.

That made her to create something that incorporated what both sites offer. The networking platform uses the domain name Linda Ikeji Social.com

On the first day it was Live, over 50,000 people signed up to her site. Her vision for the site was very plain as she promised to pay users a percentage based on the number of their followers and the advert on their page. She also included buying of user High quality contents/stories.

Linda Ikeji’s Networth

Blogging has brought her so many riches. Her site is reported to worth 7 figures. Her net worth is estimated to be over N3.2 billion.

Spending money on herself and family is no longer a problem for her again. Insidegist9ja gathered that she has acquired two new houses, a 5-bedroom duplex for her parents in Surulere, and a seven-bedroom mansion on the Island for herself valued at N300 million. On her 40th birthday, she gifted herself, over 80 shoes, 30+bags and a new range rover.

Linda Ikeji birthday gifts
40th birthday gifts

Oppositions and Challenges

Ms. Linda has stepped on people’s toe on numerous occasions. These people feels she went too far in intruding on their personal lives. Some of them include Wizkid, Olamide, Yvonne Nelson, and lots more.

One particular incident that stood out was when she was accused of stealing a content from another site and it led to her blog being blocked by Google as it is against their policies.

After the matter was resolved, Linda came back with full force and tripled her strategies. She started by recruiting journalist to bring her top and fresh news updates for her blog.

Philanthropy Lifestyle/Achievements

Linda Ikeji is engaged in so many philanthropic activities. She loves helping young girls expecially those between age 18 and 26 who have great business potentials and are ready to take the bull by the horn like her.

Through her project “I’d rather be self-made, No thanks” Linda has given out thousands upon thousands to young girls to establish themselves.

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Her siblings are not left out in contacting such powerful Entrepreneurship mindset. One of her Younger siblings now runs a blog with the domain name heylauraikeji.blogspot.com


Linda Ikeji has five sisters and a brother. Their names are Vera, Sandra, Laura, Peks, Benita and Edna.

Linda is not yet married and Insidegist9ja hasn’t gotten information if she’s dating anyone currently. She has been rumored to be dating CoolFM presenter, Dan Foster and then popular movie director and producer, Aquila Njamah.

Few years back, she was also rumored to be dating Don Jazzy. She has said it openly that she’ll get married to a man that’ll love her and willing to support her in her job. So until she finds him, she’s still searching.

However, Linda Ikeji has a son by the name Jayce.
News about her being engaged to her son’s dad hasn’t been confirmed yet but as soon as her man is finally confirmed, insidegist9ja will bring update on it.

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