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Names of Jesus in the 66 Books of the Bible

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The Bible is a Prophesy about Jesus and every book of the Bible reveals him to the world. In the book of (John 1:1) God revealed himself as the WORD who has been in existence and is now made manifest to man.

The names of Jesus found in the Bible is a clear revelation that God reveals himself to us not just as God but as a father, a friend, a comforter, a standby etc.

Below are the Unique names of Jesus in the 66 books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Beautiful names of Jesus

Genesis: The Seed of the Woman

Exodus: The Passover Lamb

Leviticus: The High Priest

Numbers: The Cloud and the Fire

Deuteronomy: The Prophet like Moses

Joshua: The Captain of our Salvation

Judges: The judge and Lawgiver

Ruth: The Kinsman Redeemer

1&2 Samuel: The Prophet of the Lord

1&2 Kings: The Reigning King

1&2 Chronicles: The Glorious Temple

Ezra: The Faithful Scribe

Nehemiah: The Rebuilder of the Broken down walls

Esther: Mordecai

Job: The Day Spring from on High

Psalms: The Lord who is our Shepherd

Proverbs & Ecclesiastes: Wisdom of God

Songs of Solomon: The Lover & Bridegroom

Isaiah: The Prince of Peace

Jeremiah & Lamentation: The Weeping Prophet

Ezekiel: The Son of man

Daniel: The 4th Man in the Fiery Furnace

Hosea: The Bridegroom Married to the Backslidden Woman

Joel: The Baptizer of the Holy Spirit and Fire

Amos: The Burden Bearer

Obadiah: The Mighty Savior

Jonah: The Forgiving God

Micah: The Messenger With Beautiful Feet

Nahum: The Avenger of God’s Elect

Habakkuk: The Great Evangelist Crying for Revival

Zaphaniah: The Restorer of God’s Lost Heritage

Haggai: The Cleansing Fountain

Zachariah: The Pierced Son

Malachi: The Son of Righteousness

Matthew: The Messiah

Mark: Miracle Worker

Luke: The Son of Man

John: The Son of God

Acts: The Ascended Lord

Romans: The Justifier

1&2 Corinthians: The Gifts of The Spirit/ The Last Adam

Galatians: The One who Sets us Free

Ephesians: The Christ of Riches

Philippians: The God who Meets our Every Needs

Colossians: The Fullness of God 1&2

Thessalonians: The Soon Coming King

1&2: Timothy: The Mediator Between God and Man

Titus: The Faithful Pastor/ The Blessed Hope

Philemon: The Friend Closer than a Brother

Hebrews: The Blood that Washes away our Sin

James: The Great Physician

1&2 Peter: The Chief Shepherd

1,2&3 John: Everlasting Love

Jude: The God our Savior

Revelation: The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

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